Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wish Upon a Shop

It was late last year when i got hooked with online shopping. One big factor is my pregnancy. I was having pre labor contractions that my OB-Gyne advised me to stay at home as much as possible, thus, can't go to the mall where i do my retail therapy. Then in just 2 months, i'm a certified online shopaholic, which gave me the idea to open my own online shop (i'll be blogging about that soon).  So basically, i'm an online shopper for 10 months now :) BUT! It was only last month when I discovered this online shop, which is now my FAVORITE! I order every other week haha! Their items are just totally irresistible and certainly unique finds! Worth the cash out every 14 days. Here's an outfit post where i'm wearing three items from

The top, bag and shorts are from Three Wishes shop

The top was one of my first purchase from
the shop. In loved with the back part.
Love how the bag matches the shorts! Bought them a week after I purchased the top and other 2 items.

Who wouldn't love their items right? I actually just ordered another high waist denim shorts from them, just 2 weeks after i ordered the floral shorts and bag :D Well i guess, no... I AM CERTAIN... that I'll be blogging about this shop over and over again! I wished for a shop that's really for me and I found it! I LOVE THREE WISHES!


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  1. Love the outfit ate Nat! especially the shorts! <33

    Patricia Erica.

  2. Thank you dear, they sure do have a lot of pretty items that are not hard to pull off :D