Friday, August 30, 2013

Tamed Not

Here is an outfit post that I think is very familiar to some of my friends and followers on instagram. I wore this when I was 8 months pregnant and received a lot of compliments. Some of my clients on TFO were even asking me to sell the whole ensemble haha. Who would have thought that a preggo can pull off such outfit teehee. Well even I do love it, that's why I'm wearing it again but now with 4" wedges :)

Here I am when I was 8 months pregnant :)

Top: H&M (Mom's preloved)| Mullet skirt: TheFashOnline | Feather earrings: specially made by my friend Roxy | Ring & Bangles: Thrift shops | Wedge & Flats: CLN

Thursday, August 29, 2013

from Tiara to Snapback

Snapbacks are back in style, it has been for men, but now, women are rockin' 'em caps. Ever since I saw my top fashion bloggers Kryz Uy and Camille Co sporting them, I've been wanting to do outfit posts wearing one. Also, for a change!

 I was very lucky to have been one of the first clients of Sabellissima to reserve the bedazzled denim snapback. Well as soon as I saw the uploads, I immediately vibered them haha! Hey it was sold out in a zaaaaap! I love it!!!! It can be worn with any kind of garb. Like for this outfit post, I don't wanna look too formal on our trip to the pedia who'd do baby diva's ear piercing, I may be a Mom, but I'm just 21 lol. So just to keep the youthful vibe (charaught) in me I wore the cap. This may be one of my fave outfits as well. Do you like it? :)  

Cap & Dress: Sabellissima | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Belt: got it from the shorts I bought from Three Wishes 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sassy when Rainy

Nothing beats wearing a simple pullover over your comfiest clothes during the rainy season. You don't wanna overdress nor over accessorize unless you're a big fan of the "wet look" (i hope not). Since it's a gloomy day I decided to wear something bright like the pink midriff corset and white origami skort. Glad I have an aztec bag which color goes well with my outfit. And just to be stylish despite the laid back look, I put on a huge ring then off I go.

Outfit details
Midriff Corset and Origami Skort: TheFashOnline (My online shop on instagram) | Pullover: Gift from gammy | Aztec Bag: Gift from my best friend (iloveversibag on IG) | Dollshoes: instagram-based online shop (I don't know its new username now) | Ring: Gift from a friend

Monday, August 12, 2013

Au Naturel

MAKE-UP! I know majority of the girls would say... "I can't leave the house without make-up on (heavy or light)." May it be just a quick glide of lip gloss or simply curling of the lashes. Girls definitely list Make-up on their must-haves and must-do for the day. I for once is a make-up lover, it started when I joined beauty pageants, which is at 6th grade. Since then I learned how to put on make-up (I usually do the heavy type), was even a hoarder. I really meant WAS, coz for now, I toned down a little. Why? My love doesn't like too much make-up on me, he even likes it better if I don't wear any make-up at all, but it's hard to just cut the habit I've been used to since my puberty stage lol. So I had to practice on putting make-up that isn't too much nor too little. Not too bare but something that looks natural. And so I did figure out how to, and I wanna share it along with my outdoor beauty essentials which I'm sticking to for like forever :)


Unlike other women who put on concealer first, my first step is putting on eyebrow mascara. (My personal rationale: I'm still working on perfecting my brow make-up. Since i'm using a mascara, I always leave a little smudge outside my brows which I later wipe off or clean with eye and BB creams and make my brows more defined.)

I use Etude House Color My Brows in Reddish brown, since it's almost the same color with my hair which is Mahogany Brown by the way.

Next is putting on eye cream. Eye bags and dark circles are among my biggest pet peeves, so i make sure my eyes have the same skin tone, or much better, have a lighter tone than my face to emphasize them more. Then, I start to even out the whole of my face and neck to make it more flawless with my BB cream.

I started to use Garnier Light BB eye roll-on on my 2nd year in College. I stick to it since then. For my BB Cream, I love Skin Food's Apple Cinnamon tea, it smells really good and has SPF 36. 

My third step is putting on mascara and curling my lashes. Yup, it came before putting on foundation. Same rationale on why I put on brow mascara before concealer. If I leave a little smudge on my eyelids I could wipe it off with my foundation. Well that's my style, leave it haha.

Maybelline's The Hyper Curl Volum' Express is my top pick since I wasn't blessed with long thick lashes (boohoo!).  That curlash has been with me for two years now, it's from Nichido.

Then foundation for a cleaner finish.

MAC will be my forever favorite brand for foundation. This shade is C4.

Finally, a little blush and smudge of lip tint then...
I use Maybelline Pure Blush Mineral for my cheeks and Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color for my lips. Both in the shade of Peach, which I think is the most natural color you could give to your cheeks and lips.

 VOILA! Au Naturel :)

Hope this so-so make-up tutorial could be a little help to those who wanna achieve a naked but with make-up look. Toodles, xo

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wish Upon a Shop

It was late last year when i got hooked with online shopping. One big factor is my pregnancy. I was having pre labor contractions that my OB-Gyne advised me to stay at home as much as possible, thus, can't go to the mall where i do my retail therapy. Then in just 2 months, i'm a certified online shopaholic, which gave me the idea to open my own online shop (i'll be blogging about that soon).  So basically, i'm an online shopper for 10 months now :) BUT! It was only last month when I discovered this online shop, which is now my FAVORITE! I order every other week haha! Their items are just totally irresistible and certainly unique finds! Worth the cash out every 14 days. Here's an outfit post where i'm wearing three items from

The top, bag and shorts are from Three Wishes shop

The top was one of my first purchase from
the shop. In loved with the back part.
Love how the bag matches the shorts! Bought them a week after I purchased the top and other 2 items.

Who wouldn't love their items right? I actually just ordered another high waist denim shorts from them, just 2 weeks after i ordered the floral shorts and bag :D Well i guess, no... I AM CERTAIN... that I'll be blogging about this shop over and over again! I wished for a shop that's really for me and I found it! I LOVE THREE WISHES!


Watch: Casio | Dollshoes: Tory Burch