Friday, September 13, 2013



Totally candid but oh well... I'm posting it xp

Who doesn't love Marilyn Monroe? Well I do! I love her and Audrey Hepburn a lot! As soon as I saw this Bangkok skirt on my supplier, I didn't hesitate to own it. Supposedly I have two MM skirts but I convinced myself to sell the other one on TFO, otherwise I won't make any profit lol. I have so much love for her that I had to have the same sunnies on. Feeling her vibe, I paired my MM skirt with a midriff and completed the look with black peep-toe heels. I think of her and I see Posh and Classy, hope this look gave justice! What do you think? :)

Midriff: thefashonline (IG) | Sunnies: Ray-ban | Heels: Payless-Greenhills

Monday, September 9, 2013

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Yesterday (Sept. 8, 2013) KNk had a family day out, pre-celebration of baby diva's 5th month which is today by the way. It was a gloomy and rainy Sunday but that didn't stop us three from wearing Summery outfits haha, yes all three of us were wearing tank tops (We Go Out As A Team, remember?:) ). Here's what I wore

I was too lazy to put on my contacts so I decided to be a fab four-eyed person.

 Top: H&M | Shorts: Three Wishes | Sunnies: Ray-ban | Eyeglasses (frame): fabkikay (IG) | Clutch bag & beaded bracelet: The Belle Soeurs | Watch: Juicy Couture | Flats: FitFlop

The title of this post is inspired by the coolest heist film I've ever seen so far, NOW YOU SEE ME, not only is it star-studded, but the story and visual effects were just superb! I swear you should see this!! MUST-WATCH!!! If you loved Ocean's 11 to 13, you'll love this movie more!!! and... Dave Franco, oh my! I just love his appeal! haha

Okay now back to blogging about our day out, I was just a total fan of the movie that I really have to say my praises :) We had lunch at Kev & I's favorite buffet resto, Yakimix Trinoma. I was really craving for sushi that day! Here's what we had

I gotta learn how to make the food on my plate more presentable ei? 

I definitely loved the Fat beef Korean Style and the Kimchi Turnip (i'm not really sure, sorry)

Well I haven't taken photos of all the food we ate, you might be surprised teehee. I love going out with my family, always a happy and great day!

I know, I know, we are Red-Black-White-themed again. I told you these are our fave colors :) Colors of KNk.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eldest of 8

I had one important errand for the day, and that is to get the report cards of my four siblings. My Dad and Stepmom are too busy so as the eldest I presented myself to take charge (in that way I'd also know how my brothers & sisters really are in school.) Here's what I wore to the Meet & Greet with their Teachers.

Dress: frenchkissedlippies (IG) | Bag: Long Champ | Watch: Casio | Necklace & Flats: CLN

So I was really jolly on my way to Hope Christian Academy. I have faith on my sibs, I know they got high, if not, fair grades. And the thought of just getting the cards, thus a quick errand made me at ease for I don't really wanna take that long since I'll be leaving baby diva behind. BUT, upon getting the last report card which is AJ's (my 1st grade brother), it took me an hour to wait T_T His adviser was having a one-on-one conversation with the parents, giving them feedbacks. It took her at least 20 minutes per parent, oh boy! and the Worst part is, I was the last on the list.

Here I am getting a little impatient (Fact: I hate waiting.)
 Nevertheless, what I've sensed while I'm on my way was right! Their grades were worth the wait, and one of my siblings got in the Top 10 achievers list.

Proud Ate here :)