Sunday, July 28, 2013

Themed for My Team

Yesterday (July 28, 2013) is something worth blogging. Jaded as soon as we got home so i wasn't able to blog about it right away. It was Baby diva's (my epithet for Kena) First Day Out (and my youngest sister, Meia's 2nd Birthday). I know my baby doesn't know a thing about these stuff yet, but to every mom or parent, this is something that needs to be jotted down on the baby album, scrap book, or whatever they use for keeping memories. Too excited that i woke up at 7 a.m. just to prepare baby diva's outfit and baby bag haha!

The original plan was to have lunch at Seaside Dampa, Pasay then straight to MOA for some fun leisure time with the kiddos (i have 7 sibs by the way, eldest one here! teehee), but due to the sudden heavy pour, my Dad decided to head back home after our indulgence with a seafood feast at Robbies' (We had tempura, chili garlic shrimps, baked tahong with cheese, deep fried crabs with salt & pepper, sinigang sa miso, buttered chicken, pancit bihon and canton.... yuuuuuummmmmm!), too bad I wasn't able to foodstagram them 'cause we dug ourselves in as soon as the grub was laid in front of us, lol! We haven't had breakfast so i think you'd understand :) Anyway, even if we only went to one place I still consider it a Baby's day out, the farthest place Kena has been is at her pedia's clinic which is less than 5 minutes away from home, reasonable yeah!

Here's what I wore to the birthday lunch...
My first time to wore REAL jeans again after 11 months. I'm not really a jeans-type of gal, but my top is already chic and dainty that i wanna put a delicate style of maturity since I'm with my family. I' m always mistaken as a teenager/teenage mom.

Put a bow to be matchy matchy with Baby Diva

I ran out of Red garb for our color-themed outing, good thing one of my fave watches is Red, at least I ain't lost!

WEDGES! I DEFINITELY LOVE WEDGES!!! And I'm on the verge of collecting a lot this year!!!

When I was pregnant, Love told me this "Whenever we want to go eat outside, watch movie, or go shopping with our kid... We go out as a TEAM". Kev and I are so distinct with our outfits and style, our fashion sense complements each other. When we go out on a date we make sure that we don't outshine the other. If we feel playful or adventurous, we'd dress up with the most comfortable clothes from top to bottom, even if it's wearing flip flops on a buffet dinner. So since this is our baby's first day out we both decided on wearing Red, Black and White -couple's favorite.  

Color-themed KNk

The loves of my life. Kevin Adrian and Kena Adryanne.

Outfit details
My TopSabellissima | BowPigtailsbowtique | JeansGift from Kev | Watch: Follie Follie (Gift from my Gammy) | Wedge: thesecretshop (on instagram)

aby diva's Top, Leggings, and Shoes: Mothercare | BowTies and Knots

Kev's Top: Ralph Lauren | Jeans: Levis | Shoes: Jordan Toro Red

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