Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sassy when Rainy

Nothing beats wearing a simple pullover over your comfiest clothes during the rainy season. You don't wanna overdress nor over accessorize unless you're a big fan of the "wet look" (i hope not). Since it's a gloomy day I decided to wear something bright like the pink midriff corset and white origami skort. Glad I have an aztec bag which color goes well with my outfit. And just to be stylish despite the laid back look, I put on a huge ring then off I go.

Outfit details
Midriff Corset and Origami Skort: TheFashOnline (My online shop on instagram) | Pullover: Gift from gammy | Aztec Bag: Gift from my best friend (iloveversibag on IG) | Dollshoes: instagram-based online shop (I don't know its new username now) | Ring: Gift from a friend


  1. Aztec Bag is from me! Hehe! Which I bought btw from Versibag, my cousin's online shop. You may also check their ig acct! ;)

  2. haha! I'll be ordering wedges and flats from them soon babe!