Thursday, July 25, 2013

Familia Es Lo Primero

Hi there! So I finally made a blog, for a lot have been asking me to. Hope everything turns out well because I'm actually a frustrated blogger (blush). I'm in total joy right now, got to tick one of my Must-Do's this 2013 (yaaaaaayyyyyy for me!!!). Now to start it of, my first post goes to the most perfect way of life I could ever imagine:
Being a Mother and a Wife  

September 6, 2012, two lines lead me to a circus of emotions. Elated, Anxious, Joy, Worry. It's like all emotions known to people are being thrown at me blended into one, all except Anger. Who could get mad at an angel formed in the womb of a woman? Yes, this is the very day i knew i was pregnant. "Hi Daddy", message sent to the man of my dreams, the one whom i never had any second thoughts of marrying one day, Kevin Adrian Pimentel. Am i expecting him to get mad? Leave me? No, not at all! I know this man loves me, we've been through a lot and nothing had changed except for the piling up of our love (cheeseballs thrown at you, back at me! i know i know, cheesy yeah) day by day. His reply made it a lot easier for me to make my emotions stable... "yeheeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! i love you love".

So a new journey begins... Welcome Motherhood, Hello Family Life.
Maternity shoot (c) Great Image- SM Fairview Branch. A month before my delivery

To tell you honestly it took us 2 months 'til my pregnancy was accepted by everyone. No, I am not a teenage mom but I got pregnant early, at the age of 21. Good thing, I already graduated from college and just passed the June-July 2012 Nursing Licensure Exam. Bad thing, I'm unemployed, thus unstable. This is the very and only reason why it took some of our family members (especially My Mom) quite some time to hold some grudge and complete disappointment. Yes I do have a myriad of dreams after graduating from college. I wanted to train at the Philippine Heart Center, take my NCLEX, apply abroad as soon as possible, work and get my specialization as a Nurse Anesthetist OR enroll at a Medical School, be a Dermatologist OR learn the basics to being a Celebrity Stylist, work on being a Fashion Blogger and pursue my ultimate dream of becoming a Journalist. Too much goals and aspirations that the least thing you could ever think of is to have a baby, right? And If you are to ask me, was I worried about a lot of things because of my pregnancy? I would be a total hypocrite if i said No. First, I am such a vain person, self and body conscious so first thing i got worried about is my figure, the physical changes brought about by Maternity, hips widened, engorged breasts, swollen face and nose and the worst: STRETCH MARKS. Second, I thought about my dreams, will i ever achieve them, how long will it take me now? Third, I was worried about Kev and I's relationship, of course this new phase of our life will bring a lot of changes, adjustments. Will Kev love me more? Will I be too ugly for him to still appreciate me? What can my hormones do? Can he bear with my mood swings, weird cravings? See I had a lot in mind.

Nevertheless, every time the thought of my baby pops out... everything changes.  It may be too cliche to say, "All I ever dream of now is to become the Greatest Mom", but hey it's true. It's hard to describe my feelings, put them all in one sentence, about how i felt of becoming a mom. The hell would I care about my physical appearance, Kev would still love me, I'm about to become the mother of his child. The hell would I care about how long it takes to reach my dreams, I have a family now, who'll inspire me more to strive harder and even dream bigger. And why worry about our relationship, like what we always tell each other, the title of our theme song... "TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE", we are in this together, and Kev doesn't break promises. I know I was Happy, very Happy, and my love for my partner has doubled, tripled, quadrupled! This is just the beginning of a Great Life...

"It is not until you become a Mother that your judgement slowly turns to compassion and understanding." -Erma Bombeck. 
April 9, 2013 12:02 p.m. Kena Adryanne S. Pimentel was born. Our first photo together
Haha My baby has this innate personality of a model. Always Camera Ready. Photo taken right after they cleaned her up ready for transfer to the Nursery room.

Kena's First Month-Post Baby Shower Celebration

The title of this post goes Familia Es Lo Primero, it's Spanish (I am very fascinated with this language), which means "FAMILY COMES FIRST" Everything is all about my family now. They mean the world to me. My Life My Happiness.

So that's it for my first post, hope you guys liked it. Next will be more on my adventure to the world of Fashion (kikaymommah x babydiva ootd's) Follow me on twitter and instagram: @nutandcave


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